I am BACK!

Deep joy and happiness. After a hiatus of inertia, the epidemic, learning to live again after some of the worst experiences of my life I am finally back. I was in a hole of misery and couldn’t find a way out until I did. More on that over time. For now let me remind you […]

The Blackbird at Bagnor

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. I am back!!! It has been months and my blog has suffered. Times have been rough for the entire nation/world with Covid and all that it entails. I am a member of a few chefs forums and what I read could make most people weep. The industry is buggered, […]

Donnington Grove Beau

This is the sort of place you want to bring people who are new to Great Britain to. The drive to the hotel is magnificent, even in the dark. You drive down a long windy road, over a bridge which looks like the sort of place you would find trolls and up to the impressive […]

Soyami – I love Newbury SO much

One of the many things I love about Newbury, along with giant puppet animals in the Market Square, the delightful river and canal, Victoria Park, the mad Crafty Craft day are the local restaurants.  We are so lucky to have a choice of great pubs like The Newbury, fine dining at Henry and Joes (have […]

Arigato Newbury-Japanese charm

I have been meaning to visit Arigato since it opened but I irritatingly and inconveniently broke my wrist.  Luckily my incredibly patient and helpful DIL (daughter in law) dropped me off there on Wednesday for me to try the food before I interviewed either the incredibly charming Adrian or George, the chef which I will […]