El Puerto Bristol

This is one of my favourite people to eat with, my daughter Rachel who feels it is her duty to make me eat, (the malnutrition, remember). Poor mare, she only got 10% of the food this time so she may be regretting her good will. El Puerto is a Spanish restaurant owned by an Englishman […]

The Spring Inn Sulhampstead

This was a very good seafood linguine full of salmon, mussels and calamari, served with chilli butter and basil and a mountain of rocket. I chose this because it isn’t something I would normally have so I was really happy that it was so good. I love fat juicy mussels which tasted excellent, the calamari […]

Bread stall at Newbury Market

We are so lucky in Newbury to have this bread stall at the market on Thursdays and Saturdays. They were too shy to be interviewed for the radio but I got the photos and a LOT of bread. They do fantastic focaccia, stupendous soda bread, chewmungous flaky giant cheese straws, wonderful walnut and raisin, enough […]

Sunday lunch – chinese for my number one boy

I went to the Dewpond in Burghclere on Friday for a wonderful meal that raised money for West Berkshire Mencap. What happens is that we pre-order, get the most wonderful food, great company, organised by the most pro=active president we have ever had and generally have a great time that also raises money for the […]

Raymond Blanc – how wonderful is he and how lucky am I

I honestly don’t know what to say about this experience except that experience is a word I need to use a lot to describe it. Raymond Blanc is so wonderfully enthusiastic and passionate and seriously, if I could live in a corner of his room I would. This isn’t just about the food, he cares […]

New menu at White Hart Hamstead Marshall – a winner

Oh I am such a lucky person. I was invited by The White Hart to test their new menu and what a wonderful menu it was. The photos are above. The starters were new season English asparagus with a poached egg and Serrano ham with micro herbs. We nearly came to blows over whether the […]

The Rising Sun in Stockcross

I happened to win a free meal here which was very generously donated to West Berkshire Mencaps Zumbathon as a raffle prize. I agreed to do this Zumbathon which was a herculean piece of enormous effort because I naively thought it was something to do with dance. Actually it was stonkingly hard exercise that everyone […]

Bladebone again

I have found myself a wonderful new eating partner, Alex who helps organise the Chapel Row Fayre which is supporting West Berkshire Mencap this year. She doesn’t raise an eyebrow when I order a main sharing platter as a starter, we always have pre starters and she offers tastes. Also she has the cutest most […]

Mezze Palace Bristol – comfort food

When ever I look for a good feed I tend to look for comfort food. I was brought up in Aden, Yemen, I had the most fabulous feral childhood but pay for it now at every airport when they look at my passport. I know custom officers intimately in many countries. Sooo…… Rachel and I […]