Sunday lunch – chinese for my number one boy

I went to the Dewpond in Burghclere on Friday for a wonderful meal that raised money for West Berkshire Mencap. What happens is that we pre-order, get the most wonderful food, great company, organised by the most pro=active president we have ever had and generally have a great time that also raises money for the charity. During this meal I mentioned to my oldest child, James, provider of my two grandbots, that I needed help with transferring music to my Ipad so he said he would come over on Sunday if I did a home made Chinese. I was a twit on two counts, firstly I worked out how to transfer the music and secondly, he has NO idea how much work a home made chinese is. However, family and friends rate highly in my life so I agreed.


Food included Peking dumplings, ribs with orange peel and star anise, beef and onions in blackbean sauce, spicy prawns and scallops with red and yellow peppers, chicken noodles, chilli noodles and other bits. Kitchen looks like a bomb site but children are happy.

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