Bread stall at Newbury Market

2013-05-23 11.48.20

2013-05-23 11.48.08

2013-05-23 11.48.01

2013-05-23 11.47.46

We are so lucky in Newbury to have this bread stall at the market on Thursdays and Saturdays. They were too shy to be interviewed for the radio but I got the photos and a LOT of bread. They do fantastic focaccia, stupendous soda bread, chewmungous flaky giant cheese straws, wonderful walnut and raisin, enough of the alliterative now, they also do spelt, sourdough. rye. Then we are on to the cheesecakes, pecan pie, sweet cherry pie, smaller tartlets like strawberry and lemon meringue, pain au chocolat and my personal favourites which are apple strudel and rum babas. There is also a fishmonger and two butchers which I haven’t got to yet. Newbury is grand.

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