El Puerto Bristol


This is one of my favourite people to eat with, my daughter Rachel who feels it is her duty to make me eat, (the malnutrition, remember). Poor mare, she only got 10% of the food this time so she may be regretting her good will. El Puerto is a Spanish restaurant owned by an Englishman but all the staff are Spanish which I like, they were friendly, helpful and tried to hide their shock at the amount that I ordered!



I wish I could tell you what this butter/sauce was but I can’t and Rachel will be very cross with me as she has instructed me to get more details. Readers, I hang my head in shame and will do so in future. It was jolly tasty though.


Oh yeah, really well cooked mushrooms with chorizo, we are talking mushroomlicious here


Hmm I have a slight problem here in that these were bbq spare ribs in a tapas restaurant. The biggest issue is that they were actually delicious but did they belong on the menu. Hmmmm


I love lamb, no idea why but if it is on the menu then I will order it. These were tasty but not quite warm enough.


Chicken croquettes, not so much chicken but still tasty

IMG_0244Ah ok, this was maybe the least popular choice in that it tasted like the potatoes had been made much earlier and heated to order and we didn’t finish it.


Oh wow, these mussels were superb and the broth demanded the extra bread that was supplied. Also Rachel, not Rachel, googled to find out that in fact we CAN eat closed mussels, it is an urban myth that we cant and to be honest the closed ones were so Big and juicy. Do not do this and if you do please blame Rachel.



Now this is a strange one, it was a special, a sort of Caribbean dish, rice and huge prawns and fried bananas and the whole thing was wonderful. The fried bananas tasted amazing, a carb that worked.

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