The Spring Inn Sulhampstead

Spring Inn 0513 seafood linguine with chilli butter and basil

This was a very good seafood linguine full of salmon, mussels and calamari, served with chilli butter and basil and a mountain of rocket. I chose this because it isn’t something I would normally have so I was really happy that it was so good. I love fat juicy mussels which tasted excellent, the calamari wasn’t rubbery and the salmon chunks were big old chunks. It was a delight to eat with a bit of a kick but not too much to take away from the taste of the seafood.


I didn’t pay for this meal


Today we popped back to the Spring Inn for lunch. I love the sofas and the whole Sunday lounge experience. By now you must know my four main requirements, free tap water, butter, wifi and dogs if it is a pub. They have free wifi (a bit patchy), gave me butter when I asked for it, I didn’t actually ask for tap water but am sure they would have given it plus we were sat next to two very well behaved dogs. I am not sure Snowy would have been so well behaved.

Mussels in wine with shallots
Mussels in wine with shallots

My first course was mussels in a white wine and shallot sauce with crusty bread. There were a healthy amount of mussels and not one closed one. The broth was delicious.

(As an aside, and I don’t want anyone doing this because we did it – when Rachel and I went to the tapas restaurant we noticed that there were some closed mussels. Rachel googled to find out that whilst you can’t eat mussels that dont close before cooking you CAN eat them if they are closed afterwards. It is an urban myth that developed several decades ago. However don’t do it and get food poisoning and blame me, Rachel and I will continue to do it to see what happens.)

The mussels were nice and plump and fulfilled my mussel craving perfectly.

Tony had West Berkshire Brewery Good Old Boy at last, he hasn’t been able to get hold of any for ages! Happy bunny.

Roast beef with al the trimmings
Roast beef with al the trimmings

The roast beef looked very impressive and was very well presented. Both roasts came with a variety of vegetables including cauliflower cheese, a giant Yorkshire Pudding, runner beans, red onion and carrot with roast potatoes and gravy.

Roast Pork with al the trimmings

Tony loved his roast Pork, it was a wonderful cut of pork loin from a Hampshire pig with very good crackling, his plate was empty and he loved the parsnips.

Eton Mess
Eton Mess

Tony also had a pudding, Eton Mess which looked lovely but I resisted trying it as I value my fingers too much.

The Spring Inn was quite busy, the staff were very nice and there was a lot of outdoor seating.

We paid for our food.

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