The Vineyard Breakfast 2

Yes my happy eaters – a new post entirely devoted to breakfast at the Vineyard. I don’t know about you but one of the main reasons I stay at nice hotels is to eat a wonderful breakfast. I have several criteria and one is smoked salmon which they had. I knew they would . What I didn’t know was that they would also have the most amazing selection of cheeses, charcuterie and cooked breakfast. I eavesdropped on the next table (you so don’t want to sit near me, ever, as I love listening to other people and inventing their lives). They had arrived late at night so hadn’t come for the dinner (what????!!!) but still made time for breakfast. I can understand that bit though am struggling with the not coming for dinner bit.

I had a wonderful server called Saffron who was patient and delightful and has actually persuaded me to try a wine flight meal as I don’t know enough about wine. Is there anyone out there who would like to sponsor this impoverished charity manager to widen her experience? Just email me and I will be there. She told me about how a good wine and food combination enhances both and I want to learn about this. Indeed I am prepared to devote a considerable amount of time to this mission.

So, back to breakfast. I shall show you a load of pictures which will illustrate what was on offer and you have to realise that this was in the most beautiful setting, delightful servers and excellent food but the pictures were taken by me.

IMG_0320 IMG_0318 IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0315 IMG_0314 IMG_0311 IMG_0308

Above you can see the most adorable almond financiers, a french sweet bread made from almonds which I wanted to sweep into my handbag, they were lovely and Saffron was very patient explaining all the different elements to me. I was also offered a range of pastries and fresh brioche. There were a huge number of cereals and mueslis and also the cutest yoghourts in sweet little pots made locally just for the Vineyard. They had a layer of fruit compote under the yoghourt including pineapple or prune.

IMG_0309 IMG_0310

Look at the amazing fruit on display, piles of delicious strawberries, hedgehogged mangoes, different melons, fresh and fragrant. Now dear reader, the secret is this, if you eat some of the fruit it actually removes the calories from the full English breakfast and the pastries. Isn’t that wonderful? This must be true because I read it on the internet or dreamed it or something. Or wished for it. Anyway I am sure it is true.


This was my wonderful full English breakfast. This may look like an ordinary breakfast but not as you know it. The poached eggs were perfect, the whole plate was full of high quality ingredients, my favourite sort. The bacon was perfectly cooked, the sausage was fantastic, the mushrooms were fantastic and the tomatoes added a nice aesthetic touch to the plate although I am so lazy that I dislike having to remove the stamens. That is pretty lazy isnt it?

There were other things on the breakfast menu such as porridge, eggs benedict etc but in truth I dived for the full English and really enjoyed eating it slowly, being converted by the lovely Saffron on the importance of wine pairing and just generally relaxing.

I left the Vineyard feeling like I had enjoyed a special occasion, I was relaxed and full of the most wonderful food. It was nice to chat to the very approachable staff and I look forward to returning. Now to save up for the tasting menu with wine flight. I noticed that they are going to offer a four course meal with a different cocktail for each course which I would absolutely love but I do need to work on the wine. Saffron, you are very persuasive.

I paid for my food and my room was heavily discounted

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    1. I wish I could, to tell you the truth my hobby eats all my disposable income but I justify it by telling myself that it helps with my malnutrition. I do really love what I do and am amazing at how it has taken off. Thanks for the comments, I would love more comments all round.

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