Vineyard – best thing ever – tomato essence

This was such an amazing dish from the Vineyard. It is pure fresh zingy tomato that wows your taste buds and your brain. When the delightful Saffron, an incredible member of staff, suggested the tomato essence I knew better than to argue. What was produced was a plain white bowl with a tablespoon of tapioca, a piece of the juicy inside of a tomato and a piece of the outside accompanied by a couple of tiny flowers. I was intrigued but in all honesty I was also trying to look enthused whilst not feeling quite so.


Now the drama, Saffron brought over the white jug and poured clear liquid into the white bowl. It didnt look much, and if you werent me you would be disappointed but my faith is in Daniel Galmiche and the Vineyard. The liquid poured around the contents of the bowl turning it into a bowl of delight, such a simple look but such a promise of wonderfulness. I so loved the theatrical nature of the whole dish but the taste was supreme, seriously you must try this. It is truly amazing and Mr Galmiche is a genius.


I was not disappointed. BAM the first spoonful hit my beautifully loved and well preserved taste buds, remember, I don’t review rubbish, these taste buds are for gloriousness only. This is what they got, wow, such tomatoeyness, heirloom tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, pure essence, I wanted it in a shot glass again and again.



ok here is what the others had, a very chunky chicken Caesar salad


A delightful haddock and chips with the lightest of batters and the butteriest of peas! Yum

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