Festival Food Part Two, there was music as well apparently

The Roaming Rotisserie Oh my what a stall, run by a really nice bloke and was just the most tasty food yet so simple. Basically a ton of chickens on a rotisserie with new potatoes cooked underneath in the chicken juice. I could have gone back again and again. You can buy half or whole […]

Festival Food – my recommendations – Part One Moorish

As you all know I am very keen on Arabic food and was thrilled to find an Arabic/African generally from hot places food stall at Green Man. I have done an interview for Kennet Radio with the owner of Cafe Moor which is a restaurant based in Leeds but with a travelling festival section. There […]

Finally, I sucked out the brains of a prawn – Rachel please read

For years Rachel, my beautiful daughter,and I have been trying to do this and invariably we count to three and both pretend as the thought of sucking out a prawns brains is too gaggy. Well Rachel, I am proud to tell you that at Green Man Festival 2013 I sucked out those brains!! It was […]

Bull Inn Windlesham June 13

Smoked salmon with lemon and capers Prawn cocktail The most delicious garlicky prawns ever Crispy whitebait with tartare sauce British rib eye steak with port and stilton sauce and brandy, plentiful and well cooked Surf and turf, rib eye and four cirspy jumbo scampi British fillet steak with vegetables and peppercorn and brandy sauce  […]

Small gap while I go to Green Man Festival

My sister has persuaded me to go to Green Man Festival and somewhere or somehow I agreed! There looks like to be a load of choice, Goan, Spanish, French and oh yes, Middle Eastern. I am not even taking a stove. I will see if I can get pics and interviews for my blog and […]

Max Cafe, A4 near Woolhampton, not just for bikers!

Do you ever have one of those days when you just need to be satisfied by a particular thing, in my case usually peking dumplings or oysters. sometimes cod and chips and sometimes a full English breakfast (see picture above. Max Cafe is on the A4 near Theale and has been around for over 80 […]

The Newbury June 2013

This was an interesting dish, the cornichons and red onion jam were a lovely addition to what was quite a chunky rillette. One of the wonderful things about The Newbury is that they make their own bread which is wonderful. It is great to have a good quality dining place in the middle of Newbury […]

Vineyard August 7 2013, heaven on several plates

Not just any old coffee but a Vineyard coffee. This comes in three beautiful layers with three delicious home made biscuits. The occasion was lunch with my best friend Anne and her barrister son Tom who found out where we were going and wangled an invite. He was very entertaining and I am trying to […]