Max Cafe, A4 near Woolhampton, not just for bikers!


Do you ever have one of those days when you just need to be satisfied by a particular thing, in my case usually peking dumplings or oysters. sometimes cod and chips and sometimes a full English breakfast (see picture above.

Max Cafe is on the A4 near Theale and has been around for over 80 years. It has been known as a bikers caff, a contractors place and a lorry drivers meet. At the end of the day it serves incredibly well priced food, £5 gets you a full English with coffee and bread and butter and they are very generous in their portions as you can see by the pics.

Max Cafe is run by Raff Vigliotti and his wife along with a couple of new servers. Times are looking up having made it through fairly miserable times with the M4 opening and the recession hitting. However Max Cafe is part of Berkshire‘s heritage. It has been going for years, holding biker nights and offering respite for the weary and hungry truckers at a decent price through all seasons. Just the other day Raff got a letter from an 86 year old lady from Newbury who remembered being taken there when she was a child. He is often told how pleased he is that Max Cafe is still going, the main problem seems to be that not every one realises that Max Cafe still exists at very old fashioned prices. They are now open every day and have an alcohol license. Whilst they have the licence I don’t believe it will be an issue with noise etc. This place is part of our history and the locals are grateful for a cafe and drinking establishment which is about the only one in the area. The Butt Inn is the other side of us but as I haven’t yet been there to interview him I can’t comment on what they have to offer. However Max Cafe is good old school transport cafe, it provides good value food, polite and hospitable staff and is somewhere that we regularly pop in to.

We paid for our meal


Ham, egg and chips

IMG_0634Full English

IMG_0642Worth going to just to see the decor lots of history here

IMG_0646More history in pictures over the the last century

IMG_0648Great menu, huge breakfast menu and then other food on the side


Steak and onion pie, chips and beans


Raff Vigliotti, the owner, who is keen to work with charity and give something back, hope he thinks of West Berkshire Mencap!!!

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