White Hart Hamstead Marshall August 2013, Tasty quiz

This is the menu from the last quiz night , all delicious and a new menu coming soon. This makes me excited and sad, I dont want to say goodbye to my favourites but cant wait to report on the new dishes.


Pie, chips and peas, delicious crust and filling.


The dish that caused the most plate envy – special fish and chips with prawns and scallops served with cod with the lightest of batters, crisp and not greasy.

IMG_0621Shepherds pie with the most amazing depth of flavour, I think the inside is cooked for many hours.

IMG_0622Haddock and chips with home made tartare sauce and crushed peas served with really good chips, the poor relative of the one above but still delicious.

IMG_0623Home made burger which has been opened up so that you can see the lush gherkins and red onion that give it zing.


Beef carpaccio with radishes and basil oil, very tender and looked delightful.


Sharing plate with scotch egg, whitebait, chips and much more. Great value


Darren’s signature duck parcels

IMG_0627My starter, moules and frites with a cute mini loaf and a really delicious sauce to dip the bread and chips into.

IMG_0629Fascinating to see this dish of asparagus, serrano ham and poached egg develop, Darren is always improving and I can see a line of dried olives has been added

IMG_0630Risotto bursting with fresh vegetables which give it a lovely texture

IMG_0631Chicken breast on heirloom tomatoes and potatoes which, as you eat, form the most delicious sauce which gets richer the longer you eat it.


Breakfast salad, quite astonishing!

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