The Angel – Woolhampton – excellent food has returned and some!

Oh I am so happy, this used to be a regular haunt of ours but a couple of years ago went downhill rapidly. Various dodgy dealings were involved that I know very little about but worst of all the food became rubbish. Now as you know there are may stabilities in my life, one, I love canapés, seafood and champagne, two, I do not sully my beloved taste buds and three, oysters make me wriggle. (If you donate I will get someone to record the oyster wriggle as it is something involuntary but apparently amusing).

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Take a look at The Angel in Woolhampton, beautifully refurbished, gorgeous inside with open fires and wifi, with a new owner and menu. Oh yeah!

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Hello new manager, Steve Barker. Born into the pub and food trade and it shows. He is confident, well informed but even better, happy to ask questions about what he wants to know more about. I admire that curiosity. He is committed to the area and is well involved, his children are at local schools and he is determined to make this venture work. He has input from Aaron Craze (Rude Boy to those that know him well or have seen him on television) and a vision of magnificence.

Let’s do the less foodie stuff first. The whole place has been refurbished and include the most wonderful boutique bedrooms which I am happy to review in detail at some point as they are beautiful and anyone staying in them would be very happy.

2013-12-05 18.09.50Oh the rooms are so wonderful, there aren’t many pubs with rooms in this area, especially as stylish as this. Hopefully I will get a chance to do a proper review but take my word for it, they are truly stylish. The breakfast is the thing to review for b&b’s. However I suspect, as an expert, that you know that.

So to the food. Oh yum. I had three huge fat oysters and was too polite to ask for more (although was asked which was very generous), they were large and juicy and tasted so good in my mouth (does that sound rude, wasn’t meant to)

2013-12-05 18.33.36

Unfortunately I only took the picture after I had eaten two and seriously these were the best oysters I have had since being at Corrigans in Mayfair. They were fat, juicy and delicious and available in West Berkshire. How good is that? After questioning I have to say that oysters of this calibre need no messy adornment. I love Steve’s view about simplicity and great ingredients being what underpins the rest of the food. He is spot on.

2013-12-05 17.57.42

Hello lobster, enjoy your last minutes of freedom before being cooked and smothered in garlic butter for my delight.

2013-12-05 18.49.56

This was scrummy and wonderful, very fresh lobster already cracked and with garlic butter and chips. It tasted really great, soft and sweet and easy to eat with the claws ready cracked. Perfect. How will I be able to stay away from here;

2013-12-05 19.39.59

ok not a a great photo but this was a delicious starter, tuna tartare, salmon sashimi and tiger prawn ceviche with lime and chilli pickle, salmon caviare and wasabi with wasabi sauce and pickled giner in the corner. Eating the raw tuna on its own then with the pickled ginger was a taste experience.

There are many other things on the menu that I want to try including a porky sharing platter of pork pate, pork cheek croquettes, pork pie , bacon crisps and piccalilli with HP sauce. Aso very tempted by the seafood stew with clams, mussels, cod and tiger prawns in a rich lobster and saffron bisque with samphire and arancini balls.

There were excellent puddings on offer including steamed sponge pudding, oh yum, with custard cream and vanilla custard, lemon cheesecake with mascarpone cheese and a tropical fruit coulis, handmade chocolate truffles and Baileys, ice cream and a cheese board but I couldn’t make it that far.

The Angel Inn is back, yahay and go there while you can, I would advise booking first.

This meal was not paid for myself but all opinions are my own and truthful.

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