What a difference in customer service – Waitrose v Boots

As you may know I had an op just before Christmas but being a wily fox had already booked my online deliveries. This is always risky because of ‘the substitutions!!’.

For Christmas Day itself I wanted to immerse myself in seafood, I need loads of protein and the joy of bathing in whatever seafood I could get was keeping me going throughout my hospital admission. I knew that I couldn’t get out to the shops before Christmas Day because of my op and was a bit wary because of the substitution issue.

Before Christmas the delivery from Waitrose arrived, mostly ok and of course good food. However when it came to cook the mussels I was left with barely a third of the mussels which made me very sad, this was the Christmas dish I was really looking forward to and I thought that was a bit mean. I did complain, in a nice way (and I only ever complain if the situation warrants it and often not even then but I was really fed up about this one). To be fair, Waitrose refunded double the price of the mussels. OK that was ok, mildly better than the minimum you can do and at least they did it but really, couldn’t they have made an effort and offered me something more as a sorry for mucking up my Christmas day.

Compare this to Boots, I ordered a load of stuff for next years stockings (how efficient is that?!) and one of the purchases exploded over the whole box. They called me and offered to replace the entire order!!! I was an honest person and said there were a couple of things that weren’t presents and didn’t need replacing because I am actually a genuinely good egg but what a difference to the Waitrose attitude. They must have had left over hampers or anything that would have made this sick old bag happier. Such a mad thing and not a wise decision.

Customer service is so important. The really good restaurants that I go to are good not only because of the food but because of the amazing service. The Vineyard, L’Ortolan, The Dew Pond, Le Maison and all others are amazing because of the service as well as the food. This should apply to all types of providers and I was really disappointed with the way Waitrose responded. Not good.

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