Oh yes, this is not just a bacon sarnie it is a Two Cocks bacon sarnie

Ok – a short post about the total satisfaction of the perfect bacon sandwich. First, and I mean this emphatically, get your bacon from Two Cocks Farm/Brewery. This is seriously the best bacon I have eaten and I am seriously worried that I am about to run out (Phil please send me more smoked streaky […]

Chick lunches – memories not ‘stuff’

For those of you that haven’t been following this blog (grrr) you may be unaware of my chick lunch system. This is a way of ensuring that at least once a month we all get together, usually for a roast or three but in summer this morphs into a barbecue (thus my constant pleas for […]

Best Tasting Menu – Enthralling and a Must Eat @bladeboneinn

This is incredible, in little old leafy Chapel Row, home to a library in a telephone box, a beautiful and quirky interior design shop and a coffee shop. That is it. Oh except for The Bladebone Inn. This pub is run by a genius chef, Kiren Puri, who is supported by talented and patient staff […]

Another example of good customer response v very average

We went to The Star in Kingsclere recently, one of the Vintage Inns and normally a great place to eat and take people to. It is a lovely place, lots of little corners and log fires and is pretty reliable as far as the food and staffing goes. I can normally rely on there being […]

Home to the Bladebone

Having been away for a month one of the first things I always want to do is return home to the Bladebone in Chapel Row. The menu was brilliant, it is always different although has a good staple of steaks etc, all of excellent quality. Kiren was there, mad as a fish and adorable with […]

Meat, send it my way but only if it is GOOD!

Time for another rant. Have come back from Thailand to the miserable news that we shouldn’t eat too much protein. Whilst part of me suspects that next week it will carbs with their head on the media block this news does back up my reasoning that it is far better to eat really good meat, […]

Soup glorious soup

A Good Soup is truly nectar of the gods. It is the stuff that makes you well, it is the perfect last thing to have at night, an ideal light lunch and can marry so well with a good loaf of bread. Below are pictures of some of the soups I had in Koh Samui. […]