Soup glorious soup

A Good Soup is truly nectar of the gods. It is the stuff that makes you well, it is the perfect last thing to have at night, an ideal light lunch and can marry so well with a good loaf of bread. Below are pictures of some of the soups I had in Koh Samui. The majority are noodle soups made with a flavourful stock, the most important element. They also contain glass noodles or rice noodles along with vegetables. Some have mini minced pork balls and/or tofu. They can also contain any sort of meat or fish. When you have eaten them you feel like you have been good to your body.








IMG_1319Wild mushroom soup with garlic croutons

IMG_1275French onion soup from The Halfway Inn with the most amazing cheese bagels

IMG_1484Gazpacho in a coconut at the Imperial Boat House, Koh Samui, a wonderful explosion of flavours which totally caught me by surprise

IMG_1417Potato and garlic soup at the Imperial Boat House

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