Meat, send it my way but only if it is GOOD!

Time for another rant. Have come back from Thailand to the miserable news that we shouldn’t eat too much protein. Whilst part of me suspects that next week it will carbs with their head on the media block this news does back up my reasoning that it is far better to eat really good meat, sustainable, treated with love and happiness (until the last minute obviously) and look for great providers.

I am SO picky about good meat, I cant buy it from supermarkets and have a list of providers I regularly use like Two Cocks Brewery and many others. I was sent an amazing range from (I think Farmison) which had some really unusual cuts in but all fantastic. My sister bought me some excellent meat from Allens which I wish I had blogged about and the offers these companies do are usually pretty good if you get on their mailing list.

So here is the challenge, send me the meat and I will review it, either ordinary or unusual cuts. I had the best sausages from Farmison (again, if I remember rightly). If we have to eat less meat lets make it the best quality we can. None of this 3 chickens for a fiver stuff – just great meat. Actually same applies to fish as well but meat is the more obvious target. I can tell the difference between a happy animal or a miserable one and I dont want to be responsible for the cheapo miserable meat.

There are a lot of good providers out there, it is just a matter of finding them and using them. That is OUR responsibility, along with ensuring that we use it in an interesting and tasty way.

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