Inglewood, what a past, what a future

Ok chaps and chapesses, this is the long overdue post on The Walmesley Restaurant which is sneakily based at Inglewood in Kintbury. I had no idea it was there and was absolutely delighted when Joanne, the manager of Audley Homes asked me to try out the tasting menu. When Jo called we had a great […]

Bristol, new find (for me!) Bell’s Diner

  A couple of nights ago I had a delightful dinner at the Hotel Du Vin with colleagues from a marvellous charity, The Brandon Trust. The dinner and the company were lovely, as was the hotel, definitely one to return to. The following day, after working fairly hard (for me) I was able to visit […]

Artisan Market – Chapel Row – get there early!

Who likes good food? Well I do as you know. This blog is about good food and places that you can get it. We are so blessed in West Berkshire, we have so many good pubs, restaurants and farmers markets. This post is about a new market that I went to recently. It is held […]