The Golden Triangle of Chapel Row

Oh I am such a lucky bunny. I live in the best place, so near to town yet close to country. Near civilisation but not close enough to impact on the residents of our house in any way. Really close to The Golden Triangle. I have written about the delightful Chapel Row before but, as […]

Just a quickie – hospital tomorrow – eating today!

The melodramatic bit. Having had SIX months of different hospitals trying to pass me off to any other hospital because they don’t want to delve into my innards (and I actually find that quite offensive, surely my innards are cute and entertaining) I now discover I need TWO surgeons to be present and the op […]

A tale of two Roasts: NHS v Bladebone

As many of you are aware I have been in the clutches of the NHS for the last week. I had hoped I was popping in for the day last Monday but the doctors had other ideas. I ended up staying for a week, desperately playing Hotspot with my phone and my Ipad. Why oh […]