Ben ‘off to uni’ Ferguson, a recipe for risotto :-)

  Ok Benjamino! You are off to uni in September and are, very wisely, asking about cooking. We have done the mass stew and spag bol learnathon and you know to get meat that works hard as it is cheaper and tastier slow cooked. It releases all those lovely juices that make the food so […]

An Old Friend revisited – White Hart

I was released temporarily last week and was trying to go past The White Hart in Hampstead Norreys but was unable to. A weird magnetic force of remembered tastiness propelled me in to the delish food pub for an early lunch. Because this visit was a bit sudden and impulsive I forgot to pick up […]

Just a quickie ooh err Missus

  Bladebone Chapel Row – I was taken there on lunch release by my lovely sister Beth and her New Zealand hubby Murray (I only mention his nationality because they had a lush cider made in New Zealand which was a refreshing drink at lunchtime). My first serious incident of plate envy. Lobster, wild rice […]