Just a quickie ooh err Missus


Bladebone Chapel Row – I was taken there on lunch release by my lovely sister Beth and her New Zealand hubby Murray (I only mention his nationality because they had a lush cider made in New Zealand which was a refreshing drink at lunchtime).


My first serious incident of plate envy. Lobster, wild rice and lovage salad. It was delicious but sadly not mine, it was Beths.


Not on the menu but I asked Kiren to make me something with salmon and I got this little delight, hot salmon and beetroots and horseradish. Scrummy.


Murrays salt and pepper squid with chilli jam and coriander. Really well cooked, tender with a kick.


Beth’s crab, on my recommendation because although I don’t really like crab Tony had it here and it was the best crab he had ever had!


I am having to rely on my memory now which is probably going to be a disaster as my brain is not the most effective part of my body. Cod with cockles and potatoes and oyster leaves, a great combination.


My lamb, no plate envy here, mine was tender and juicy and full of lambiness.






Puddings, pannacotta, eton mess and some brownie affair. Very pretty.

IMG_2061 Beth strangling Murray in a loving manner.

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