Christmas food reviews

I am wondering about doing a comparison of Christmas food menus. The only thing stopping me is that I seriously consider turkey a complete waste of a meal, followed closely by cauliflower and sprouts. There I have said it. Sooooo if you want me to review your Christmas offering please be prepared to wow me […]

Luckys, Indian Food of Quality

Well who knew? As you may know I have been lucky enough to pair up with the luscious, vivacious Waheeda who also has a fantastic programme on Kennet Radio (Listen lovely readers, it is a cracking show). I am starting a new thread on food from different cultures and Waheeda is going to accompany me […]

Back, Bouncing and Ready to Review

How exciting! Not only am I back and catching up on postponed promises of reviews but I am taking a slightly different path. My next theme is going to be food of different cultures. Wonderfully this can be as wide as any of my previous themes (in fact the last themes were so wide that […]