Apple Tree, Daughter Mother

Love love love the fact that Rachel Lawrence is setting up her food blog. Also loving the phone calls that start with menu items; love also that they come from my step children as much as my children. Have heard of an amazing place in Bristol, The Gallimaufry, that sounds like it definitely needs a […]

Berkshire Chefs I need you for radio interview and blog

Having woefully mistimed my reserve of interviews I am now in need of some 20 minute interviews with a review for my blog as well if that works for you. I can do you again (ooh err) if I have already done you but I am looking for changes of menu, major staff, change of […]

Bored, 2.30 am, so I must be hungry, right? Midnight Bruschetta

One slice of sourdough, toasted, butter it well then grate a garlic clove over the buttered side. Then squish an aromatic tomato and spread it onto the toast. Hmm something missing. Mmmm, slice a mozzarella over the toast then a beautiful line of fresh basil. Could go as it is but for me there is […]

Radio Interviewees needed urgently, can good food providers apply?

Over the time I have been doing my radio interviews and the blog I have made it clear that if the food is not so good I don’t want to share information about it. What’s the point? It can be much more entertaining to read about rubbish food and is certainly great fun to write […]

L’Ortolan – Local Luxury

Oh my this was a wonderful meal to finish up the Christmas period and even better we shared the experience with Sam and Alice, my step son and his better half. L’Ortolan is based in a beautiful house in Shinfield, absolutely delightful, drinks in the conservatory or bar, a chance to sit at the Chefs […]