Kingswell Hotel and Restaurant and Westies!

This is a quick heads up to to an amazingly lush new hotel and restaurant near Didcot. I will only really review the restaurant as I haven’t stayed there yet although did ask for a tour. Now the man who has introduced me to many good things including restaurants, Mr Duncan Spence, told me about […]

Roux Parliament Square

What a place to celebrate. This was proper posh and even better I got to interview Marco for Kennet Radio before the meal. He is an other passionate chef, always a great sign when you are about to eat somewhere. Marco looking like he wishes he was somewhere else It was very kind of Marco […]

Day 4 – Bruges and the end – oh dear oh dear Mr Pierre-White

Ok lovely reader, we are at the end of this whole very sad and sorry story. We woke up early, again, and met in the buffeteria. Today one of the good things happened. A P&O server offered to help carry my tray for me, this was a lovely and moving movement even though the tray […]

Chefs Competition

Just a quickie before I finish day 4 of the Cruise Saga. Three restaurants, Brebis, Luckys and The Bladebone competed in Newbury Market Square in a Chef Off. The food was amazing from all three chefs, well I say three but Luckys came well manned and also cleverly fed the judges and the crowds with […]

Day 3 – Land and THE good meal – Guernsey

Please note that these opinions are my own!!! We set the alarm to wake us up, not something that I like doing on holiday, so that we could have breakfast before going to Guernsey for the day. Breakfast was in the Buffeteria (named by Beth), not quite a buffet, quite like a cafeteria. There appeared […]

Day 2 of The Holiday

Sooooo …… we woke up in the Premier Inn and had a cooked breakfast which was ok, indeed the sausages were good, the tomatoes were anaemic, the water glasses were, as in every hotel, tiny but the staff were enthusiastic and friendly. I chatted to a fellow passenger to be by the toaster, you know […]

Possibly my worst holiday ever!!!!

I have just returned from what I consider to be my worst ever holiday. EVER. Worse than the time my husband to be went camping at a festival with only an industrial tub of instant potato with a loose top, a 2 man tent with holes in it, 2 friends (one who was 6ft 4) […]