Kingswell Hotel and Restaurant and Westies!

This is a quick heads up to to an amazingly lush new hotel and restaurant near Didcot. I will only really review the restaurant as I haven’t stayed there yet although did ask for a tour. Now the man who has introduced me to many good things including restaurants, Mr Duncan Spence, told me about Kingswell. When he told me that it was now being managed by James and Magda who run the Halfway Inn, I became very interested. Magda has the most amazing talent for putting interiors together and I loved the overall look, This was enhanced hugely because every room had a cushion with a Westie on. This could get no better. Dont forget the annual Westie Walk on 1st August at 11am at Greenham Control Tower by the way.


Ok I may be biased but a Westie cushion in every room? Sold!

IMG_2819Duncans soup, carrot I believe with a bit of an asian twist, seemed to go down very well

IMG_2820A delicious smoked salmon dish on a crispy melba toast, absolutely perfect

IMG_2822I want one of these wonderful Rickety Bridge pepper grinders! Apparently they are only given to people that are loved and respected. So I havent got one. Sigh

IMG_2823This was a very interesting lamb dish with couscous, quite spicy but cooled with the salad in the couscous, taste tingling thrill.

 IMG_2824This is Mr Spence’s fish and chips without the chips (he is so healthy it should inspire me!). Actually I had a moment of plate envy here

   IMG_2825Ha, this is the food of someone we met at the bar who I have seen before at the Fabulous West Berkshire Mencap Race Day (March 4th next year but book fast) which, if I wasnt so full, would have relished but I did have a bite and loved it. Lamb Koftas with a yoghurty cucumbery minty dip.

IMG_2833One and only one picture of the hotel. It is a wonderful hotel which I will try out and review in detail but until then let me tempt you with the fact that everything is lush, far more stunning than it need be and the service is something else. I will let you know when I review this hotel but trust me, it is well worth a visit. Everything is so much better than it need be which is wonderful.

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