Crab and Boar and I am only telling you because I am kind hearted

This is one of those reviews that seems totally pointless. Every where I look I am seeing great reviews of the Crab and Boar, including the national papers. Still, I will give you my humble opinion regardless. Also at some point I will try out one of the rooms and review that. I have heard of peope that visit to stay annually to celebrate anniversaries and they are going to be terribly pleased by the quality now. Enough of the teasing, back to the food. This was my first review I shared with James Hussey from EDGE ( who for some reason should have been named Russell. If he slapped me every time I called him Russell I would be, well, very slapped. However he is far too charming to slap me about so all is well.


Speaking of charming, gosh the new landlord is totally delightful, his name is Matt Beamish and he looks like a Greek God who overflows with sincerity and passion. His wife Katy is equally lovely and they both care so much about their new venture it can be seen in every aspect. Their head chef is Tom Caide who comes with a great pedigree, amongst other places the Ritz and most recently for Nathan Outlaw. Another former employer will be mentioned later, a chap who made me squeal like a teenager.

 IMG_3090A little bit about the decor, very animal centric and if you have anything to do with Newbury racecourse you should definitely make a visit, once I have stayed the night I will let you know what the rooms are like but they looked pretty good.

IMG_3091Possibly not for the PETA brigade but perfect country pub decor

IMG_3096Matt and Russell/James


IMG_3103The freshest juiciest prawns with a pea hummus, very refreshing

IMG_3104I haven’t seen this before, our bread came as a whole loaf that we sliced ourselves – CUTE

IMG_3106Oh my, this steak tartare with an oyster and parsley emulsion had all the flavour you could imagine and left me wanting more

IMG_3108Crab Tortellini ‘Blunos’, just fantastic with a crab boudin, white crab and bisque sauce

IMG_3109 Cornish plaice with leeks, braised chicken wings and macaroni, a marvellous combination of crispy chicken, beautifully cooked fish and giant bits of pasta which worked so well

IMG_3110Peach with sorbet and granola

IMG_3111Simple but delicious, strawberry soufflé, strawberry sauce and a spoonful of clotted cream – great


IMG_3115That is a look of happiness as the strawberry soufflé goes down but I must admit it is a strange look, in front of the soufflé is the most delicious dark chocolate ice cream as part of a Black Forest Cremosa

IMG_3116My post pudding – 4 of the freshest oysters I have eaten recently, totally scrummy and bringers of great joy

 The prices are very reasonable, the fish is incredibly fresh, there is a good choice of meat as well as fish. The set lunch menu comes in at £19 for two courses, £24 for three, absolute bargain. In the summer there is a beautiful outdoor kitchen with views of the countryside, this makes such a lovely place to eat in good weather, a lot of investment has gone into the pub.


IMG_3098OK this is it, the final photo.  I just happened to barge into the kitchen in that tactful way that I have and who was there but MARTIN BLUNOS!!! THE Martin Blunos. I squealed and giggled like a small girl and couldn’t think of anything coherent to say so I cant pass on any wisdom. He was being such a good egg he was helping out as everything was being set up, what a star. I got a selfie too and I NEVER do that but that isnt going up.

Basically fab food, probaby fab rooms, will report back on them, we were comped but as always that does not change my opinion of what I write. Go, eat and stay!

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