Le Manoir courses with cheeky Adam, the tutor with sass

There were so many course to choose from and if you look on the website you will see a range of new ones including BBQs, cooking with children, macaroons, the choice is amazing. I would die and go to heaven if I could do the canape course bearing in mind my two favourite food groups […]

KC Tavern – complete turnaround, fab

I love a pub run by passionate people and the owners, Josh and Inna Khan, have it in heaps. In fact if you get a chance to chat to them they have the most amazing story of how they came to be running the KC. They could have a whole radio programme to themselves and […]

For those that follow my facebook page you will know that I have been banging on about minimising, getting rid of ‘stuff’ and having experiences instead. Read that as you will but in my case I have been asking for meals out as birthday and Christmas presents. I love food as you know and if […]