Newbury Racecourse the perfect partner with West Berkshire Mencap

Warning, blatant advertisement for West Berkshire Mencap Race Day Friday 4th March 2016

The cooking at Newbury Racecourse is just wonderful and is a major draw to West Berkshire Mencap’s annual Race Day. It is high quality dining that our guests enjoy (along with the wine) to make a day that many organisations and individuals put into their diary every year. It is normally held on the first Friday in March, next year it will be March 4th and is a day of fun, laughter, meeting up with colleagues and friends and the occasional celebrity. The chef has been with Newbury Racecourse for many years and loves experimenting and encouraging his chefs to experiment and this shows with the brilliant food that they produce. Without a doubt I want to try the amazing menu that is being created for The Hennessey and we are lucky enough to benefit from the skill coming out of the kitchen. West Berkshire Mencap and the Newbury Racecourse are a superb combination.

The next Race Day is slightly different in that we are holding it in the Racegoers Restaurant. This gives guests the chance to enjoy an amazing view of every race although of course the Race Sponsors will be watching their race from the Royal Box. We also have some more tables available so this year we may not sell out as well as having more space for sponsors to display their products.

This year we are holding a special event on the 25th August for our sponsors and potential sponsors. We get every race sponsored plus there are several other opportunities to sponsor items such as the wine, the ibid silent auction etc. These lovely people will get a free evening at the races with great food and really good quality wine which has been sponsored by Rickety Bridge.

I am not going to tell you what these dishes are, you need to come along and find out and to do that you need to sponsor West Berkshire Mencap, spaces are extremely limited so there are less than a dozen places left. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to support West Berkshire Mencap by sponsoring a race or one of the other opportunities that we have. Huge apologies if you don’t get a place but we may do something similar next year and put you at the top of the list.

IMG_3479Unusual and delicious


Hot and tasty


Oh this tasted SO good

IMG_3482This was brilliant and I could have had the sauce as a veloute on its own

  IMG_3483Perfectly set and totally yummy

So there you have it. There will be many opportunities to support West Berkshire Mencap and attending the Race Day is such a fun way to do it. The funds raised will enable vulnerable people, from tiny babies onwards, to live the best lives possible and your generosity helps to make this happen. By buying a place, a table, sponsoring a race or donating an auction prize you will be helping the people that West Berkshire Mencap support. Brilliantly you can do so by having fun and great food at Newbury Racecourse. Win/win.


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