Spring Inn Dec 15 up, up then down


It was a Sunday when we wanted to go out for a good roast dinner, I havent tried The Spring Inn for a while so thought we would give it a go. It is one of those places that has had a varied life, like many places, and I have had some great meals there and some average ones. This was both which was quite clever.

The good sign was that we couldn’t get a table until 2.30! and when we arrived there were so many cars there we had to park on the verge. Still normally always gives me hope when a place is rammed. I think we must have hit family party time as there were paper hats and much jollity inside, certainly the kids seemed well catered for and it was definitely busy.



The menu, creative and interesting, i just wish I had chosen a different main course.



This was a brilliant touch, toast with baked garlic to squeeze, I also asked for olives which to be fair weren’t on the menu but were still found and I enjoyed all 5 of them. There was also olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the table which was another nice touch.



Tony’s starter, flat mushroom with goats cheese, onion marmalade, almonds and figs. He said it was delicious and although he didnt eat the figs that is because he is weird about eating fruit with savoury things and that is his problem



I loved this, my starter of smoked salmon on a chive pancake with cream cheese and a gherkin. It tasted great, there was a lovely scattering of finely chopped chives and onions, totally delicious.



Oh dear, it was all going so well until our mains arrived. It looked like it had been cooked some time earlier and left on the pass, the gravy had dehydrated, the potatoes and yorkshire pudding both tasted old and when I asked for extra gravy I was given a thimble full. I ate some of it then gave up and wrapped the meat up for the dogs. Now the sad thing is that the waitress did ask me what the meal was like I let her know very politely how much I enjoyed the starter and the garlicky bread but the roast wasn’t brilliant. Normally someone would come out and just double check that with me but that was the last I saw of anyone until the bill I will generously assume it was because they were so busy that some corners were cut but I wouldn’t go back for a roast.




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