Great service and interesting menu – Rowbarge

The Rowbarge is a reliable place to eat, good pub food with a twist. It is particularly lovely in the summer as it has a huge garden with the canal in front and is very popular with walkers and boaters (people not hats). We have learnt to book now as its popularity has increased with new ownership, Tony tells me it has a very good selection of beer.

I apologise for the quality of the pictures as I didn’t have my camera on me for this impromptu blog.



Tony’s starter was smoked salmon in a pomegranate dressing with a red pepper, ginger beer jelly and croutes. It was good smoked salmon with an imaginative twist although the jelly wasn’t as flavoursome as I thought it might be.



Pan fried scallops with ham fritters, pea puree and lemon dressing with samphire and tomatoes was delicious. I loved the fat scallops and the fritters bursting with pulled ham, totally delicious. The samphire was a bit stringy but overall a great dish.


Tonys grilled fillet of sea bream with a crab and tomato risotto, samphire and a rocket salad. The fish was very well cooked and this got wolfed down, Tony did say there wasnt too much crab in the risotto but he loved the whole dish.



My rump steak with horseradish butter and a special of bearnaise sauce done as a favour. Unfortunately I had asked for rare which it wasn’t but the service was very good. Because the place was heaving (good sign, remember) they hadn’t done their usual check so that I could tell them about the steak but when they cleared and I let them know they were apologetic, knocked it off the bill and offered pudding which we didn’t have time to eat. Very much appreciated and definitely a place that I would return to.



Before the wolfing.



The next blog will probably be the Comte cheese that I am reviewing and then lots from Koh Samui of fish and soup. Whoop whoop.

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