Brebis – medical emergency!! Must read!


Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t have a medical emergency there as you may class it but it was a necessity that I ‘Brebis up’ before I go to Koh Samui. I lurked outside waiting for it to open looking very shady. I peered through the window at the chalkboard and saw Moules on it and once I saw that there was no moving me. The little man washing the windows outside had to leave a Leila shape as he washed around me.


How amazing is this? A linseed tuile, so thin and light that you can see through it which I try to show in the photo below.


OK I fail to show how see through it is but doesn’t Sam, the chef, look dodgy. We have him on offer as a prize for West Berkshire Mencap Race Day on March 4th (35 tables sold and only 5 left so roll up roll up, 3 months to go and first come first served)


This is what lured me in, like Pavlov’s dog I saw the word Moules, connected it to the incredible Brebis and my mind went onto autopilot, all I knew is that I HAD to have them. NOW. My dear loyal readers, you must surely know by now that the one thing I can’t do is delayed gratification. It is instant all the way for me which is why I stood outside with my nose pressed to the window for ten minutes rather than come back another day. These mussels fulfilled all my expectations, plump and sexy (don’t judge) with the best creamy sauce layered with flavour that involved me tipping the bowl up and slurping until I saw the spoon thoughtfully placed behind the bowl.



OK now I have died and gone to heaven. James and Sam Mansfield kindly left me to it when they brought this dish out which is good as I was embarrassing myself with gushing grunting noises as I ate it. Perfection. I know you vegetarians will hate me but trust me and forgive me, this fois gras and pomme purée was out of this world. It was the ultimate comfort food with a depth of flavour that I wanted to dive into feeling like I was tumbling onto my mothers lap as a toddler. The silky pomme purée surrounded by the richest jus complementing the potato was so good I did actually use my finger to scrape up the last tiny bits. Hey at least I didn’t lick the bowl.




Blast, this place is getting more and more well known, in my humble opinion it is Michelin star worthy and it has already had a mention. I have seen a great review on @EdibleReading, a great blog, and now this piece in Out and About in the Newbury Weekly News. You read it here first! Brebis is a jewel in our crown and has never disappointed me with the amazing food, the slightly obsessive passion and the lovely atmosphere.

Now my lovely readers, I am probably going to be blogging more on Thai Food for a while but am looking forward to reviewing The Bladebone, newly refurbished and just opened yet already so busy I couldnt get a table before I leave. It has been renovated beautifully and the chef owner Ritchie seems like a very good egg.





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