Sushi Maki – my Bots Dan and Noah opposite approaches


A quickie on Sushi Maki - I have the most amazing grandson Danny who loves to try all sorts of new food, as a family they all love Isdora’s delicious Malaysian/Thai fusion, particularly the ‘ears’ (gyoza or dumplings to those not in the know) so when Dan asked to try Sushi Maki I was all up for it. Oh wise Gaggy (Granny in other words). Two bots, Dan 9 and Noah 4. Dan eats anything he can try and is superb to take for reviews. Noah doesnt. So here is how it went. Mum Becky “who wants to come to Sushi Maki?” Dan “oh yes” Noah “no way”.  Fine. Gaggy turns up and Noah realises he is missing out on something so now he really wants sushi. My arse. But as I am the best gaggy in this universe I took Noah as well warning him all the way that if he didnt eat I didnt care. I can be incredibly harsh like that although I am also a complete softy in that they totally marshmallow my heart. But not with regards to food, I cant be that harsh. I know my priorities.


The whole idea of taking Noah aged 4 was a risk but I thought it was good for him to learn from his wiser older brother who will eat or try anything. His parents may regret this as he becomes a teenager but I am there to be a good gaggy and snigger at the world turning round on itself. Mwahahahaha.


I felt a bit sorry for the wonderful staff at Sushi Maki, particularly the beautiful server who was just perfect in every way. I could never wear eyeliner like that, I always end up with streaks of sadness regardless of how happy I really am. She was so kind when Noah decided that actually what he wanted was edamame beans and nothing else. Later I realised that what he wanted was the salt on the edamame beans and that was all. Sigh. Luckily I had Dan the man with me. We ordered a variety of dishes and our favourite was the dragon roll which contained tempura prawn, baby asparagus, salmon, wasabi tobiko and orange tobiko. In fact we ordered FOUR portions of this as it was so good. Dan has to be my best food companion ever and I love it. In fact this is why I like The Bladebone so much but that is another post to come.


Ok as this is a quickie then this is all you get except a reminder that our West Berkshire Mencap meal at Brebis is 30th March and there are still 4 places left. Book now if you want the best meal ever whilst feeling remarkably generous to our charity while filling your boots!





Dragon roll, needs to be eaten to fully appreciate the loveliness




My bots (grandchildren) ready to eat and love the food. Noah is the curly haired bot to the front who wasnt great with the chopsticks but gave it a go, so sorry Sushi Maki for the mess!



Seriously these hardly hit the sides of our throat as we munched on down.

Finally, oh my, I went to pay and discovered that I didnt have my purse on me! Aargh. It was in the car.  I offered to leave the bots as collateral but suprisingly they trusted me enough to take them with me when I went to find my purse in the car. Bearing in mind that at that point we were surrounded by a huge pile of our mess, empty edamame pods, chopsticks and a huge variety of detritus I have to say that I cant blame them for refusing my offer but I redeemed myself by dashing to the car and returning very quickly, well as quickly as I can move with a bellyful of very nice sushi and two bots who always seemed to move in opposite directions. Thank you sushi Maki and do go there, it is in Newbury Marketplace and well worth a visit.



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