Spiralisers – not so healthy after all!! Bring on the goose fat!

Ha! So you thought spiralisers were healthy, on trend and the perfect way to make pretend spaghetti. No! This recipe involves three things, potatoes, goose fat and salt. So so perfect. First of all go to Lakeland and get their spiraliser, it is more expensive than the pencil sharpeners but so much better and kind […]

Prince Street Social, hip and loving

Ok a million apologies for this being so incredibly late but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt go to Prince Street Social. Au contraire dear reader, get your hairy little legs over there as fast as possible (sorry if I am labelling your legs like mine!) Now I need to say here that I was […]

Hello Vineyard and hello Robbie

  Ok there was some grieving since Daniel Galmiche left but we knew the Vineyard wouldn’t let us down. For those that think that the Vineyard is all posh and smartness it is very family welcoming. While I was there I saw a huge range of ages and types of people who had one thing […]

Isidro’s – if you havent been why on earth not?

  Just a quickie while I finish off my Bladebone post and then my Prince Street Social in Bristol. Been busy having a grandaughter! This is the most delicious street food I have had. You can get it from Newbury High Street on Saturday mornings at Isidro’s stall near Tesco. Above is a special emergency […]