Yay Bladebone is back and happening

As many of you know I have always loved The Bladebone and was traumatised when it closed last year, indeed I had to go into deep therapy which consisted of eating at other places until I could have a good store of back up good places to go. I discovered Brebis, The Woodspeen, The Newbury, King Charles and others but there was a little Bladebone shaped piece of my heart that was empty.


I grieved for months so imagine my excitement when the For Sale sign came down and I saw the activity, then the expected inactivity, of builders on the property. I started to drive regularly past on my way to places, not easy when The Bladebone is in Chapel Row which is near, well nothing really. I narrowly escaped arrest for stalking and an ASBO (again, sigh) and finally I got inside. However let me tell you about when I went to eat there legally which is really a better read and ends with happiness and a full and happy feeling rather than shame.


Firstly I interviewed Ritchie the Chef/Owner who is a lovely chap. He has young kids so his pub is both family and dog orientated, very welcoming. The garden is magnificent with a willow den and tunnel growing for the future and a lovely natural setting which is going to be magnificent as summer comes. The patio area is a fantastic outdoor area with heaters and attractive furniture. Indeed the whole pub has been redone very tastefully. Light and airy with pet beds, dog biscuits and a fab range of bar snacks.


Actually as soon as I had done my interview with Ritchie for Kennet Radio I called my son and his wife and their two kids to come up immediately for dinner. I was so impressed that rather than a kids menu the children could just have a smaller size of any meal on the menu. That is great as my grandsons, particularly Danny, are great at trying food and would have scorned a classic childrens menu of anything and chips. Well done Ritchie.




Loved the dips, the olives and the sausages in honey and mustard, ordered more



Warm soft mini cheese scones, so moreish I smuggled some home


Fish and chips, perfectly cooked, not too much batter, crushed peas and tartare sauce



Child’s portion of sausage and mash, fantastic quality


Sea trout from the specials board above




Not a great pic but amazing pork belly and fillet and look at that circle of crackling, please serve that behind the bar, I will pay



An idea of the food, sadly the seared scallops and chicken wing wasn’t on the menu when we went but call when it is and I will be right up. This is a pub I will be returning to again and again with and without the family. It will be fabulous in the summer, the garden is already looking lovely and I see this as a real heart of the community. The Artisan Market is meeting there again although sadly I missed the one this Saturday because ………I was at my granddaughters birth, see below.








Joseph my son taking it very well when he found out his surprise present for his studio that he had been waiting 9 months for wasn’t actually a guitar but was baby Jennifer.



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