Spiralisers – not so healthy after all!! Bring on the goose fat!

Ha! So you thought spiralisers were healthy, on trend and the perfect way to make pretend spaghetti. No! This recipe involves three things, potatoes, goose fat and salt. So so perfect. First of all go to Lakeland and get their spiraliser, it is more expensive than the pencil sharpeners but so much better and kind of satisfying plus you will get left with mushrooms (reason at the end). The only problem with going to Lakeland is that there is no way on Gods earth that you can leave without carrier bags full of items you hadn’t realised you needed. Then get yourself a tub of goose fat, I go to Vickers locally for that, they do the best meat, fish and everything you could possibly need including, usefully, potatoes.


Yeah yeah I have done the spiralised every vegetable known to man. Tony, hubby, is brilliant as he doesn’t sit in front of a meal and go ‘hells bells where are the carbs or why is my meat less than a quarter of the plate’ he just eats what I put in front of him. He has gone from being diabetic to pre diabetic and lost loads of weight with piles of stir fried or spiralised veg with a spoonful of sauce on it and maybe a bit of fish and doesn’t seem to mind. Bless him. I, on the other hand, can eat what I like, indeed I have to chuck a ton of stuff down which is why I started this blog. Sadly I cant just eat any old rubbish, it needs to be good which is a good reason why I love Brebis, my local restaurant. No one wants to be near me when I go somewhere to eat and i am DISAPPOINTED!!!! Oh my, it isnt pleasant and I am not proud but …… seriously! If I could cook it better why would I want to go out and eat it let alone pay for it? Back to Brebis I guess, the only place I commonly eat in the kitchen with whatever they have to hand, or stove, they understand that I cant wait to get to the restaurant as beautiful as it is.





This is the spiraliser from Lakeland, go for it, well worth it, trust me. it has several choices of slicing including shredder, chipper and slicer but i went for shredder for my deep fried fun.



This is what the potatoes look like after being spiralised. Soak to remove starch, I am sure there is a scientific reason here but I am going by instinct.



Potatoes frying in goose fat. Yes I could have used vegetable oil but hells bells if I am going for it then I dont muck about.



A very short time after putting in to fry. So this is not only delicious but incredibly fast, oh yes, perfect badness.




And these are the result, a bowl of crispy crunchy lightly salted snacks that are so moreish you may need an intervention to stop you making more. Crunchy, tasty, perfection in snack form.



How perfect are these chefs bits, the left over pieces, not only are they goose fat cooked chips they are shaped like mushrooms, cute and delicious!

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