So close to an ending and a beginning – Brebis, my main love

  Cant go wrong with these chaps. Always good food, they have a reverence and love for what they do that I rarely see anywhere else. This is rather an aggressive post as I am sad that the most amazing business is leaving and you need to move flipping fast to eat there before they […]

No food envy in Marlborough, just Plate Hate which is worse

Do you know what I really hate, now come on lovely reader, you must know me this much. I HATE looking forward to food, the wonderful anticipation, the long drive (no I don’t like that bit, that is a lie) then getting a plate of MEH. To be fair one plate of ho hum and […]

@JayRayner1 100% The Elephant much less

  The Great Man       When I heard Jay was coming to Newbury, the Emmenthal of towns, I was torn. I had attended one of his Guardian Masterclasses (very good by the way) and we had a debate on whether one should accept free food or not. Fundamentally I would like to think […]