So close to an ending and a beginning – Brebis, my main love


Cant go wrong with these chaps. Always good food, they have a reverence and love for what they do that I rarely see anywhere else. This is rather an aggressive post as I am sad that the most amazing business is leaving and you need to move flipping fast to eat there before they go. These guys love their food, they are not up their own arses, they know, oh my they so know what works and what doesn’t and they push boundaries all the way.

Indeed I will tell you some of these things but go there NOW to find out what the rest are


Look it up, but amazing and better than sushi


omg, so good when i had it previously I licked the plate clean


because they cant stop improving this is the dish above mid preening


same for the other dish


they even gave me the most wonderful amuse bouche despite not giving me a seat in the dining room, I feel privileged to eat in the kitchen bantering with the chefs like some old bag who has wandered in off the street. Which is what I am


ooh so wonderful, asparagus tips, chopped asparagus fried in butter with peas and Bayonne ham then all the other stuff that you can see


Go and eat


Blah blah perfect stuff


the best pork belly ever, thin and crispy crackling and a load of other stuff. Just go and eat and while you are at it find out what their next move is and book them. You wont be sorry





Jennifer, my granddaughter, not kitsch at all 🙂

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