The Crooked Billet – finding it is your reward

This was a tip from one of Sam’s friends and what a find it was. If, that is, you can find the place. Despite being in the wilds of nowhere near Henley it was rammed so you obviously have to book. As we sat down I could hear lots of the word Brexit Bremain being […]

Dewpond – fine food and grown children who pay!! BONUS

This post is dedicated to SUAS also known as shutupandshave or even James, my firstborn, because if you get to see this it is because of him, his amazing internet and website skills and just a bit of patience. What a wonderful evening I had, eating in the land of the bunny rabbit with my […]

Ha – guess what I had for tea – again

First clue, thankyou @vicarsgame raw prawns and chorizo     the other bits, garlic, chorizo, chillie and parsley   a slow frying until they have lost their colour, are softened but not burnt, (garlic is a bugger for this) Raw prawns go in   All cooked   Plated, garlic bread added and eaten – yum. […]

Update! Oh My The Mothership of stocks!! Veal – thank you @vicars

OK here is the stock pot that I can’t actually pick up, I won’t say it is the reason that I got married but it sure is the reason I won’t get divorced! IT IS VEAL STOCK!!!! Oh thank you Vicars Game (and if you haven’t been here then why the hell not?) This is […]

Ok Bladebone hug my accepting bosom of food love

With a huge sadness that Brebis as was will be no more but hells bells if you need a double decker bus of 5 star food this is the place to go I have to say that my new local is The Bladebone. Always welcoming, clever move even if you are swallowing your vomit as […]