Update! Oh My The Mothership of stocks!! Veal – thank you @vicars

OK here is the stock pot that I can’t actually pick up, I won’t say it is the reason that I got married but it sure is the reason I won’t get divorced! IT IS VEAL STOCK!!!! Oh thank you Vicars Game (and if you haven’t been here then why the hell not?) This is the mother stock of stocks. I have been offered a lot of money for my stock which is so amazing that, when divided up into portions, it bounces like a happy ball of nutritionally full wonderfulness. And I have already given you the secret in an earlier post, you are so lucky my lovely readers x


To be fair it is the only way I get to see my youngest son Joe Lawrence @joe90production, sigh


This is a much smaller pan, 14 pints. The giant pot must be at least 40 pints and gets reduced over a couple of days to this. Well not quite this as it needs to be strained several times, finally through a muslin cloth. I have pulled off the layer of fat on top to cook with, well that part that I could rescue from Joe who just happened to turn up as the stock had set. What timing. At this point he realised that the fat was sitting on, yes veal stock, the caviar of stocks, the mothership of broths and gravy. His big brown eyes lit up and he looked at me winsomely, how could I refuse. This pot makes about 12 portions, it is so reduced that it needs diluting before use, currently it is in firm jelly mode. After one of his headbut hugs I melted and he got both the fat AND the stock. What a pushover I am. It will help your granddaughter he wheedled. My children always know my soft spots damn it.




This is to show you the jelly like and pure, clear consistency of the wonderful stock.


My beautiful granddaughter, number 3 of my adorable grandchildren x

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