The Crooked Billet – finding it is your reward

This was a tip from one of Sam’s friends and what a find it was. If, that is, you can find the place. Despite being in the wilds of nowhere near Henley it was rammed so you obviously have to book. As we sat down I could hear lots of the word Brexit Bremain being muttered and then ‘Oh yeah, I played with Lindisfarne’ which gave me an idea of the sort of customers I was mixing with, thank goodness they didnt pick up how dull I was!

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ok held back, I only had FIVE starters, I could have gone for the parfait but was abstemious. This is like two starters in one, smoked salmon, asparagus and the most brilliantly cooked egg ever with a tarragon beurre blanc. Total hit.

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half pint of prawns, so fresh they slipped out of their shells with wild naked abandon

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was there anywhere I wasnt going to have these. No. AND it had the diddy tabasco AND no shell and perfectly shucked.

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Good mussels

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Swuid, soft, perfectly cooked and sharing, turned a nonsquid eater around

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Scallops oh my so good

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Ok Sam raved about this, to the point that we would be injured if we tried it in a forky way Wild mushroom and mozarella cheesecakes

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Alice loves duck and potato fondant has to be the best

FullSizeRender 104

cheese souflee with balsamic baby onions, diving pairing

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Yup good beer, check, good wine, check, good food check. Thanks Tony

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So many of them chose the roast local saddle pork belly with lentils, satisfyingly not mushy

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honey comb mousse, chocolate crumb, cinder tofee. love the combination

FullSizeRender 90

toffee pudding, toffee sauce, clotted cream, what is not to like

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Fab cheese boar with enough crackers doesn’t happen often

FullSizeRender 103

Baked Alaska, snaffled by everyone else

Only bad point the olives were amazing but if that is the only bad point then this is the place to go. Yayy, new place found


I was the normal one, cant wait to go back and get an interview for @kennet radio

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