Bladebone just keeps getting better AND it is a Pokestop

Please bear with me, this does work out in the end. My lovely middle son Joe. music producer, very intense and incredibly fussy about good food, asked if I could be the first babysitter for my grandaughter, Jennifer. She is 3 months old and has very protective and loving parents (as do my other grandchildren). […]

Golly – who would have thought it – in Newbury?!

  Ok heres a thing. Did you know that you could have a wonderful meal in Newbury at the College which costs a pittance and you are helping youngsters (in my case anyone under 40) with their career development. It is so similar to eating a meal at a place that supports West Berkshire Mencap, […]

The Newbury in Newbury – great places both

When The Newbury Pub has an event then it is worth noting and putting in the diary. We have a lot of chain restaurants in Newbury and I am sure they are pretty good but I specialise in the independents. Pete Lumber has been a real gift to Newbury, he has invested so much in […]