Golly – who would have thought it – in Newbury?!


Ok heres a thing. Did you know that you could have a wonderful meal in Newbury at the College which costs a pittance and you are helping youngsters (in my case anyone under 40) with their career development. It is so similar to eating a meal at a place that supports West Berkshire Mencap, we only use the best of food providers and yet you are helping charity, win win.

Many mooons ago I used to eat at the trainng restaurant when the College was at the other end of town and I loved it. My lovely sister Kristin eats at her local college in the Medway Towns and raves about it. I compare it to having your hair cut at the college, these are totally supervised so you dont come out looking like a mishapen Creme Egg but it may take a little longer. Indeed why not have a meal then a beauty treatment at the College and go all out.



Our delightful president Mr Arthur Heffenan and our Events Manager, Mr Phil King preparing to dive in.



Home made bread, what a great start


Leah, such a helpful waitress


The starter options

Gazpacho “Andalusian”
Crispy cheese pancakes, rocket and basil oil
Smoked mackerel and horseradish pate, ciabatta croutes
We ALL went for the mackerel and it was superb



The mains options

Crispy chicken with Mozzarella and air dried ham, artichoke and sage
Grilled Salmon, wilted greens and Béarnaise sauce
Asparagus and spinach tart, blush tomato dressing, chilli oil


Above is the salmon chosen by the chaps, well received, plates cleaned


I loved my chicken, I loved the fact that this was the first time I had eaten globe artichoke this summer and I LOVED the potato


Pudding options but we all went for the same one! Good choice as it was delicious

Pavlova with mango and passionfruit
Lemon tart, Chantilly and red fruits
Chocolate Fudge brownie, vanilla Ice-cream
Coffee and sablee



A huge thank you to Catherine, who sorts it all out and to the chef (below) who gets the delicious food out. If you want to come here call 01635 845259 or email restaurantbookings@newbury-college-ac.uk and have a brilliantly value meal whilst supporting the next generation.



PS thanks also to all the local restaurants and establishments that take on the restaurant apprentices, we love you all



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