Forbury – a great start that tailed off

  i have been meaning to go to the Forbury for ages. They send the most enticing emails and they have a snack menu! Who would have thought it, how can you go wrong with a snack menu. I was a touch surprised by the number of menus that they did have though. Quite a […]

Sigh Not So Much Plate Hate as Plate Meh at The Angel in Woolhampton The Angel has had a chequered history, wonderful, dire, hopeful, dire, carvery all one phoenix like uprising after another. However having driven past the carvery sign so many times, seriously who does the word carvery attract except Toby eaters, I stopped at the fantastic Woolhampton Stores and saw an actual menu. This meant that […]

The pop up of pop ups – truly amazing

This has been a very busy weekend, so much so that my fit bit which I only bought for the sleep function, has imploded. I dont need the walking counting steps function, I play Pokemon Go for goodness sake, indeed I have just reclaimed my first gym – sorry stepson Ben mwahahaha. However what a […]

Love Vicars Game, so very meaty

  I had to do another stock as as fast as I do them my middle son Joe takes them and they are liquid, jelly, gold. Where to go? Oh yes, the best bone man I know Alan at Vicars Game. I asked for some veal bones, chicken carcasses, and some pork bones. Oh yes! […]

Best ham and eggs competition – how do you do – can you beat The Bladebone

I eat out a lot, really I hear you ask but yes it is true. Now heres a thing, i love ordering smoked salmon as a starter but it NEVER tastes the same at home even if I follow every tip given. What is that about. ok steak I have a better bet at but […]