Best ham and eggs competition – how do you do – can you beat The Bladebone

I eat out a lot, really I hear you ask but yes it is true. Now heres a thing, i love ordering smoked salmon as a starter but it NEVER tastes the same at home even if I follow every tip given. What is that about. ok steak I have a better bet at but still ….. meh. However my big test is ……. ham, egg and chips.  I don’t want shit ham, I dont want duck eggs, I dont want rubbish chips. So if I am unsure about a place I order ham, egg and chips as my baseline.


I have had the poshest version which is duck eggs but that is a bit rich for me when I want a standard dish done well. The worst version is plastic ham with rubbish eggs and flabby chips that are not dippable in the egg yolk, a vital element.


I am happy to be challenged on this but over two years of trying my favourite of all time is at The Bladebone. Thick home made ham, amazingly crisp chips that scoop, how cool is that! A celeriac coleslaw and a bit of salad which makes the whole dish perfect.





Look at this picture, dont you want to dip the chips into that molten egg. That is the big basic element. To get the extras such as the celeriac coleslaw and the salad just adds to the loveliness of it all. Currently this is my winner, I challenge you to beat it.





Just so you know this is my baby girl Rachel enjoying her chocolate fondant at The Bladebone, blog to come maybe, far too many on The Bladebone but it is so good.

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