Sigh Not So Much Plate Hate as Plate Meh at The Angel in Woolhampton

The Angel has had a chequered history, wonderful, dire, hopeful, dire, carvery all one phoenix like uprising after another. However having driven past the carvery sign so many times, seriously who does the word carvery attract except Toby eaters, I stopped at the fantastic Woolhampton Stores and saw an actual menu. This meant that they didnt actually just do carvery so, with great hope and trepidation we planned a visit. Now, dear reader, you know how I feel about food that I could cook myself and cook better. You know how much I spitefully resent paying for food and it not turning out well so you can understand the part of me that was telling me to go to The Bladebone or The Newbury but I did this for you. Yes dear reader it is actually YOUR fault I ate this food.

When we came to the pub we saw an interesting rope section outside just waiting for a bouncer to turn the crowds away. However us entering just doubled the number of customers there so we werent too worried about a quick service. Well we should have been. The decor was quite nice, slightly strange fake bushes outside but as we are about to lay fake grass in our garden who am I to complain. They also served Good Old Boy so Tony was happy.

From the menu we didn’t choose the carvery which doesn’t come as a carvery, it comes from the kitchen (?), not sure what the definition of a carvery is but I had always assumed you saw things carved. Having said that if my covers were only a handful then a carvery in my definition wouldnt work.



This is Tonys mushroom dish, normal peeve of no butter and a not inedible bowl of mushrooms.




This was my prawn and salmon salad, not smoked salmon which I had hoped for and frozen prawns with some average sauce and avocados. This did come with buttered sliced supermarket bread and also a little extra ……..



Can you see the extra, a hair of an inch and a half long so neither Tonys nor mine. Hey these things happen, I didnt get cross, I pointed it out to the waitress and said that I wouldnt be eating the rest. End of story. No one came out and no one apologised except for the waitress whose fault it wasnt. Stunningly unimpressed



Tonys pasta in a watery tomato sauce with very dry garlic bread. Meh



This does NOT win my current challenge of who does the best ham, egg and chips currently held by The Bladebone. The good points are that the chips (McCains?) were crisp and they served mustard although I dont like mustard. The ham was thick but not stunningly fresh and the eggs were hard. What is the one thing you need for ham, egg and chips? Yes, SOFT yolks to dip. However it was garnished with parsley so I guess a bonus point there, sigh.



Now you see the problem.

I asked for the bill and noted that not only had the chef not come out to apologise and the hairy meal was left on the bill the chef was actually in the dining room discussing the price list of the chap from Brakes caterers so probably hadn’t cooked the thing anyway. Kind of says it all really. Nice waitress though.

And finally, my working pizza oven. That is a huge Joe pizza in there with a dough made of mozzarella and almond flour but this baby is big enough to fit several animals in. Yum.




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