Harrow at Little Bedwyn, seriously why only one star?

      Roger (unseen, possibly unsightly or shy or just very busy cooking an amazing meal) and Sue Jones have got the most amazing establishment. I was won over when I turned up to see boxes of Bollinger waiting to be taken in. They were so lucky I am not drinking at the moment. […]

Use them or lose them – local cuisine

Where do you go to eat, what influences your choice? Is it always price or is it quality or indeed a combination of the two? I was in The Newbury the other day at lunchtime and it was quiet, my understanding is that the chains are offering much cheaper options. I totally get it that […]

Crooked Billet, so worth the journey

Content Coming to The Crooked Billet should be on every tourists itinerary who visit the UK. Mind you if that is the case it will be even harder to get in so maybe not. Indeed I am tempted not to tell you where it is. But it is in Stoke Row, Oxfordshire. Sigh. Damn my […]