Use them or lose them – local cuisine

Where do you go to eat, what influences your choice? Is it always price or is it quality or indeed a combination of the two? I was in The Newbury the other day at lunchtime and it was quiet, my understanding is that the chains are offering much cheaper options. I totally get it that we need to get value for money but personally I hate spending out money on food that I know I could produce myself at a much cheaper price. When I go out I want to have food that I wouldnt attempt at home.


I love Newbury, I even write letters to the Newbury Weekly News stating this fact and what I love is the individuality of things like The Newbury Pub, Sushi Maki, Brebis (sadly gone and a big warning to others) and pubs like The Bladebone. If i want to go to a chain restaurant I can go anywhere in the country and eat the same thing, yawn. Or indeed ‘meh’ should I be ‘down with the youth’.


My blog is mostly about wonderful places to eat, occasionally something gets through that isnt so great but they are rare. I want my blog to be somewhere you look if you fancy a fine meal. It isnt always about just the food. It is the ambience, the welcome, the whole experience. I include in this things like the Bucklebury Artisan Market, Vicars Game, the Cook and Butcher and the fishmongers West Berkshire Seafoods in Thatcham. All places I would be sorry to lose (see Brebis). Whilst sometimes these places cost a bit more that isnt always the case and in either case you are getting what you pay for. Having taken a photo of a chain pub with an advert in the window saying ‘Chef needed, no experience necessary’ I think that states the case perfectly. The best chefs are passionate, full of love for the perfect meal, feeding people and making them happy.


We dont just have restaurants and pubs we have amazing street food like Isidoro’s. Go there and buy the superb food. If you dont then we will lose them and end up with a load of chain places that are mediocre.



The only pudding I have enjoyed in a long time, the Bladebone




Isidros Hot and Sour soup, oh so good, couldnt show the gyozas as they were eaten so fast!



The Newbury, some small plates, delicious




Vicars Game, worth a visit

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