New tv coming

Cant say too much now but soon both Mia Fiore and The Newbury should be making a tv appearance.  As soon as I can tell you I will give you the link but I am very excited about it.  The other presenters are SO glamorous, I believe I am the ‘character’ or the ‘comedy element’ […]

Pudding club, well puddingy!

  So……an interesting one. Great atmosphere and clearly very popular as the car park can testify, I parked in a very awkward place in the road, sorry other road users. They knew I was a blogger but didn’t accept my offer of an interview which is fine, no big deal and shows how popular they […]

Mia Fiore His is bigger than mine! Great local Italian

  And my heading applies to his pizza oven. It IS bigger though not by much but he uses it much better. Oh my, I have never seen Phil speechless but we will get to that later. This needs to be a short review as I have bigger plans for Mia Fiore but I couldn’t […]

For the love of cod – ok cheesey but oh so worth it -go to Newbury for fab fish and chips

This is exciting news! Not only do we have a new fish and chip shop it is SO much more. It sells fresh fish which you can order in advance plus it has a private dining area at the back. This is a good place people. I just stopped for fish and chips but got […]

Its Chrissssssstmas!! Looking to review places that don’t just do turkey

I hate to say this as I am in no way Mrs Christmas, I have staff (you know who you are Sandra) who count down the days from December 26th onwards but I personally think Christmas starts on the day West Berkshire Mencap has its Christmas Carol Concert, this year in conjunction with the Mayor […]