For the love of cod – ok cheesey but oh so worth it -go to Newbury for fab fish and chips

This is exciting news! Not only do we have a new fish and chip shop it is SO much more. It sells fresh fish which you can order in advance plus it has a private dining area at the back. This is a good place people. I just stopped for fish and chips but got tempted into having the squid as well, mostly because I am a huge hog of good food. It wasnt a huge portion but perfect for me and the quality of the fish was superb. I would rather eat most of what I have (I am not saying it was small) especially if the quality is as good as it was here at For the Love of Cod. The bore of that location is parking but it is well worth seeking out a parking spot. The owners have a great pedigree, the chap has a Michelin star dad and they blatantly know good products, totally obvious when you eat their food. Also such a happy positive couple that spreads through the whole place.




Squid, didn’t meant to get it but couldn’t not, incredibly fresh with a tasty sauce with a bite but not overwhelming.



My cod and chips, again, so fresh it was still breathing sea water, didn’t smell fishy at all and was cooked to perfection. It also came with wonderful tartare sauce



oh my, the queues never stopped – good sign methinks


Love the owners, trendy and nice



Such wisdom



Look out for this sign and this shop, please visit it


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