Mia Fiore His is bigger than mine! Great local Italian


And my heading applies to his pizza oven. It IS bigger though not by much but he uses it much better. Oh my, I have never seen Phil speechless but we will get to that later. This needs to be a short review as I have bigger plans for Mia Fiore but I couldn’t let the chance pass to tell you of the best Italian in Newbury. Restaurant that is as this is run by Romanians, I know, who would have thought it but they have done an amazing job and my experience is that the bottom line is you will excel in the food that you love.



What a brilliant specials menu

img_4039 img_4046 img_4049

oh my delicious chicken, so brilliantly cooked with a really good lemon touch


The calzone is literally bigger than Phils head, he loved it so much he came back the next day± Mia Fiore do takeawys as well just so you know



The two mains that were so huge we couldn’t manage a pudding!



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