Vineyard, Robby wasn’t here today but his influence was

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Dear readers you know my favourite places to eat and just by looking through the blog you will see how often the Vineyard is mentioned.  Hell, it was the place I chose to get married, indeed my only regret of the whole day is that as the bride I had to come later and missed the canapés!!  Just another reminder here everyone, if you do me a party it needs to be champagne and canapés, it is all I desire, indeed I can go without the champagne if it means more canapés.  Some of the best canapés I have had have been at The Vineyard which were done for me as a special treat.

An old picture of the canapés done for me that made me so very very happy, I am terribly easily pleased, just give me canapés.  I think I have made myself pretty clear now haven’t I?


I wish I could remember what the cheesy things in the middle were but they were delicious.  The setting is wonderful, big old soft sofas and lots of elegance as you peruse the wine library, the book that is too heavy to lift.  It is not called The Vineyard for nothing and we got a lovely explanation about history of The Judgement Tasting Menu.


Nice range of bread, I loved the lemon bread on the left


My starter of fois gras ganache with cranberries and mulled wine was a joy, rich and creamy little orbs that looked a bit like poisonous toadstools but tasted divine

Wills starter of mackerel tartar, lime yoghurt and cucumber.  I got plate envy immediately and loved the taste, refreshing, zingy, the chilled yoghurt sorbet (I think) and the jelly texture of the cucumber all worked beautifully together

Arthur, our President, had the goats cheese, beetroot and walnut.  Whilst goats cheese isnt my favourite thing, he loved it and it did look wonderful

Beautifully cooked brill with a spiced coconut cream.  Foolishly I had forgotten that I wasn’t too keen on cauliflower as it comes under my category of poser food, food that poses as other food so cauliflower is trying to be broccoli, parsnips are a no as they are trying to be carrots and sweet potatoes are trying to be potatoes.  These are not honest vegetables.  However it did taste good for cauliflower and the coconut cream was inspired.

Will’s pork tenderloin and belly, what a work of art, very tempting for plate envy.  Presentation is done well here, a gift I do not have, I do quantity not quality, think ladles and school dinners rather than pretty and pleasing on the eye like this dish above.

Both Will and Arthur had this pudding but I cant remember what it was!  I am sure someone can say but I suspect it was lychee and grapefruit with banana cream.  I am not so keen on puddings so I was really pleased when the kitchen agreed to give me this as my pudding – see below

Ha!  It is the mackerel tartar again but this time it is mine, best pudding ever


Very cute and delicious petit fours which are even more appealing because they are like sweet canapés!  Success and at a great price, under £30 for a three course lunch, great stuff.

My first dining partner, the delightful Will who was great fun and loves food, a soulmate.

My other dining partner, the President of West Berkshire Mencap Mr Arthur Heffernan, much loved and enormously generous to the charity with his time and effort over many years.

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